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Procedure for Absences

For daily absences, please send an email to [email protected] or submit an excuse note to the front office within five (5) business days of the absence.

The note must contain:
the student's full name printed clearly,
the date of the absence,
the reason for the absence, and
the parent or guardian's signature.

Cases in which notes are not received within five (5) days will be referred to an administrator. Excuses are not accepted by phone. For excuse notes submitted after the five (5) business day window, please send an email to [email protected] or submit a handwritten note to the front office and allow time for administrator approval.

All absences for extenuating circumstances must be prearranged through the student's administrator at least (5) days in advance of the absence. Such factors as the impact of the absence on the student's academic progress and the educational value of the absence will be considered in determining whether a prearranged absence will be approved or unapproved.  

Excused absences include:
illness of the student,
medical appointments,
court (subpoena or summons must be presented to school),
religious observance,
death in the immediate family,
visiting a sick relative in the hospital,
college visits (only for seniors), and
administration approved pre-arranged absences. 

Unexcused absences include oversleeping, car problems, missing the bus, finishing homework or project, vacation/out of town, and no utility service.

Tardy to School

After 7:30 a.m. students should report directly to the front office. If the student has a dated and signed note from a parent/guardian with a valid excuse, he/she will receive an excused pass. If the student does not bring a written valid note, he/she will receive an unexcused tardy.

Excused tardies include all items listed above for excused absences, emergency situations arising from unusual weather conditions, and late buses.

Unexcused tardies include oversleeping, broken alarm clock, missed bus/ride, car trouble, and traffic.

Excessive tardies may result in an administrator referral, loss of parking pass, or further disciplinary actions.

Early Dismissals

Parents requesting a student be dismissed early from school must have the student bring a handwritten note to the front office on the day of dismissal.

The note must contain:
the student's full name,
the date of the early dismissal,
the reason for the early dismissal,
the time of the early dismissal,
a statement that the student will be picked up or drive himself/herself and the authorized signature.

Early dismissals may also be done by email at [email protected]. Please note that email may take longer, particularly around the lunch periods, so please plan accordingly.

Please allow at least 30 minutes for early dismissals to be processed.

Adults picking up students should park in a visitor's space, check in at the security desk inside the main entrance, and then proceed to the front office to have the  student called down. Bring a current, valid photo ID. 

Regulation 724-1, Attendance, Absences, Excuses, and Tardies