National art honor society

National Art Honor Society


All current art students that have met the NAHS art academic grade requirement of 85 percent have been provided a post card encouraging them to consider thinking about joining the NAHS group. In addition, possible future members must meet the General Academic grade requirement of an 85 percent per quarter as well.

Why is Art Education so Important?

Please take time to watch this wonderful video on why art education is so important.

Thank you, Mr. Dave Heinzel, The 1900 Art Gallery & Springfield Public Schools for posting this video!

Tips on preparing a speech

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself. Tell about the most important issues/things in life to you as a person and artist.

Paragraph 2: Setting personal goals, briefly discuss how you will go about setting and achieving them.

Paragraph 3: Address the following key elements of a good candidate, Leadership, Service and Character. How would you use these elements to describe yourself, give descriptive examples.

Paragraph 4: Finish with honesty. Tell them what the position means to you and why you hope they will give you the opportunity to lead and serve for the Patriot H.S. National Arts Honor Society chapter.