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Patriot High School is establishing a chapter of the Mu Alpha Theta National High School Math Honor Society. Mu Alpha Theta is an organization whose purpose is to stimulate interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of superior mathematical scholarship and by promoting various mathematical activities. It is co-sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. There are now over 1950 chapters in the United States and fifteen foreign countries. Colleges and major universities recognize membership in Mu Alpha Theta as an important part of a student's academic resume. Topics presented during club meetings, participation in mathematics competitions, and the interest generated by these activities help members to gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.


Mu Alpha Theta Round Two Competition (Jan 14/15)

We discussed at Dec meeting to do round two of the Mu Alpha Theta competition this week. Come by after school Wednesday or Thursday for the 30 minute no calculator competition.

January Meeting - TBD

I'm still coordinating with a guest speaker for our January MHS meeting. As soon as we can finalize his availability, I will let you know.

December MHS Meeting

Our December math honor society meeting will be on Tuesday, Dec 8 at 2:15 in room 2031

Mu Alpha Theta Math Competition

We will compete in the MAT national competition this week (Nov 18-20). Sign up for Wednesday or Friday before school, or Wednesday or Thursday after school. Signup sheet is in room 2031

Math Honor Society Officers


Join Math Honor Society Fusion Page

All MHS nominees/members: Please request to "Join this Fusion Page" for the math honor society fusion page. This way when we add an announcement, we can push the information to your email. It will help keep you up to date on what's happening in MHS. Thanks!

Nominations for Patriot HS Math Honor Society

If you are interested in joining the Patriot High School Math Honor Society, complete the nomination form below, to include your signature, parent signature, and math teacher recommendation.  Bring completed form to Mr Keskel's room (room 2031).Here are the basic eligibility requirements:

  1. Members. High school students in grades 9 through 12 must complete the equivalent of two years of college preparatory mathematics, including algebra and geometry, and in addition have completed or are enrolled in a still more advanced course, are eligible for membership providing their mathematical work was done with distinction. On the 4-point grading scale, this shall mean at least a 3.0 grade point average. There is a one-time registration fee of $10 per member.
  2. Associates: High school students in grades 9 through 12, at the school where their permanent record resides, who have completed one year of algebra, or its equivalent, with distinction and are currently enrolled in a higher math course. Note that associates are not members of Mu Alpha Theta but are likely candidates for membership. Associates do not pay the initiation fee but are eligible to be listed with the National Office, should they wish to participate in our national math contests. While they are not entitled to vote nor hold office in their chapter, they are entitled to attend and be heard at meetings. A student may remain an associate for only one year and then, if eligible, must be inducted as a member of Mu Alpha Theta.


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Students needing help in math can sign up for help from a math honor society member

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For MHS members providing tutoring for students asking for specific help (make sure we have your email to give you access)

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MHS members signing up to be available for tutoring. Make sure I have email address to give you access to file.

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