Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO)


PWC Recycling

See what products can be recycled in PWC, find information on recycling and more.

Metal & Odd Item Recycling

Besides aluminum cans, plastics, and glass, other materials like computer products and metals can also be recycled. Following are a few links to places that accept old phones, chargers, computers, and other E-waste. Take a look!

Potomac Metals Incorporated

EG Metals Inc.- scroll down to the bottom of the page for acceptable materials and contact information!


World Wildlife Foundation

The World Wildlife Foundation works to enhance our global environment one biome at a time! View their website to learn more about threats to the environment and the animals in it, see what WWF is doing about them, and learn how you can help!

Recycling with American Disposal

American Disposal Services not only collects trash, but recycling as well! View their website or call 703.368.0500 to talk to a representative about recycling pick up services, recycling bin distribution, and more!


Recycle City
ExploreRecycle City to see how the people of the town reduce waste, use lessenergy, and even save money by doing simple things at home, at work, andin their neighborhoods.

Recycle Roundup
Racearound the park to sort the litter with Gus and make it onto the topscore list! Get ready, this game calls for speedy clicking.


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