Welcome to Law Club! We are a student-led organization that competes annually in a mock trial competition. At mock trial we go head-to-head against other schools in real courtrooms with real lawyers serving as judges. In the past we have had up to four (!!!) teams participate in mock trial, each made up of a defense and a prosecution. We usually have 15-20 students who serve as lawyers and 20-25 who serve as witnesses.

This year will be a little different of course, but we are happy to announce that we WILL have mock trial this year—it's just going to be virtual! We will be competing in trials over Zoom, with judges deciding on the cases (no juries). 

Please feel free to email Mrs. Warren ([email protected])  if you have any questions. You can also follow us on Instagram @patriothslaw. We are looking forward to tackling this new challenge with you all!