Student Online Appointment Requester

Students, please select your School Counselor from the list below to be re-directed to his/her online appointment requester. 

Appointment requests can be submitted from any computer or mobile device, at home or at school. Walk in students will also need to complete this form.
Please allow 24-48 business hours to process your request.

If this is an emergency, please visit the Counseling Center immediately (or during the next school day). Parents should email their students' counselors to set up an appointment.
Reminder: Transcripts must be requested in Naviance.
Other Useful Phone Numbers:
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
PWC Police Department Non-emergency Number: 703-792-6500


To make an appointment with the counselor, click on the underlined text at the end of their listing:

Mrs. Kerns, counselor for students with names A-Car & Tel-Tr, Kerns appointments

Ms. Portell, counselor for students with names Cas-Fe & Tu-Vil, Portell Appointments.

Mrs. Campbell, counselor for students with names Fi-Jon & Vio-Wei, Campbell Appointments.

Ms. Lutkenhouse, counselor for students with names Joo-Me & Wel-Wis, Lutkenhouse Appointments.

Ms. Feeley-Valentino, counselor for students with names Mi-Q & Wo-Z, Valentino Appointments.

Mr. Banks, counselor for students with names R-Tek, Banks Appointments.

Ms. Boddie, college/career counselor, Boddie Appointments.

Ms. Wilson, social worker, Wilson Appointments.

SENIORS Su-Z - Ms. Snoots will meet with you for your senior meetings. Ms. Boddie will help with your college applications. Your alpha assigned counselor will help you with any other concerns. Please stop by counseling if you have questions or need direction as to which counselor to see.